Monday, September 29, 2008

AdWords API update: Local Database Sync available

Our AdWords API team just announced the AdWords API Local Database Sync project. The AdWords API provides developers a way to manage large accounts quickly and easily by connecting directly to the AdWords platform, and this project is aimed at helping to improve that efficiency.

The scripts that make up the project can be used to schedule reports using the AdWords API, store the results in a local database (using SQLite), and then run queries against the database. Since keeping your AdWords account information in a local database that's updated by calls to the API can be faster and more cost-effective than calling the API directly multiple times, the API Local Database Sync will help developers who don't yet have a way to synchronize their local database.

For more information on this project and lots of technical details, visit the AdWords API blog and the project's home on the Google Code site.

Posted by Cathy Bishop, Creative Team
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