Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Find more, do more

The user-created content on Google maps enables you to search maps created by users all over the world. I was amazed at all the exciting things I could discover here.

On the Google Maps page, click on the "show search options" link on the right of the search box. Following this link will add a drop-down menu with options for refining your search. Choosing "user-created content" enables you to utilize the knowledge of local experts across the world.

So, after a long day on the water, you'll probably want to relax. Instead of renting a movie, explore the world via user-created content.

Lord of the Rings fan? Search for Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and find out such fan-tastic things as where the hobbits hid under the tree in the first movie to escape from the Nazgul.

Planning a trip down the Loch Ness river in the UK but was scared about a potential monster sighting? Search for monster near Loch Ness, UK and track where he has (allegedly) been and even what he looks like!

Planning an outdoor date? Searched for hikes in San Francisco. However, be sure to also check for any wildfires in San Francisco before heading out if you want there to be a second date.

Prefer dancing over hikes? Check out some awesome break dancing on the New York subway.

Try it out today and experience for yourself all the cool user-created content on Google Maps!

For a demonstration, check out this video for Seinfeld places in New York:

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