Saturday, September 13, 2008

First stop: USC, Docs, and California sunshine

Yesterday, the App to School bus rolled into Los Angeles for our first stop at the University of Southern California. The sun was shining, and the students were out in full force, visiting our demo stations, hanging out in our tour bus, and picking up Google goodies along the way.

Representing the Google Docs team, Jen and I were particularly excited to show students some of our favorite Docs tips and tricks. For example, did you know that you could share a Google document with your classmates so that they can view and edit it online with you at the same time? That means no more messy email attachments! Need to do a survey for research in class? Check out the forms feature in Google Docs to create easy, free surveys that you can send out to anyone. (We've got many more of these nifty tips at our Apps for Students website.)

In our down time, we also managed to don some crimson and gold to take a few snapshots during the day.

Check out more photos from our stop in Los Angeles.

We hope to see more of you on the bus soon! Check out to see where we're heading next...

Posted by Vivian Leung, Product Marketing Manager & Jen Mazzon, Product Manager for Google Docs
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