Friday, September 26, 2008

Google Earth Team trains 'non-profiteers' at Bioneers

On October 20, immediately following the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA, the Google Earth Outreach team will be conducting a special one-day intensive hands-on training on Google Earth and Maps. Google Earth Outreach helps non-profit and public benefit groups put their data online in a geographic context using Google Earth and Maps. Workshop participants will explore several exceptional examples of how Google's mapping technology has improved non-profit outreach and communication with the world, and has effectively impacted policy and public understanding of local and global issues.

There are no prerequisites! Both beginners and the technically savvy are encouraged to attend, as afternoon sessions will be divided into two groups to suit everyone's needs and answer everyone's questions. In these hands-on sessions, beginner participants will learn how to start building Earth or Maps applications and learn how to use these applications for internal planning, decision-making, and an overall mapping framework for their cause. More advanced users will take a deep dive into KML, learn how to make the most of Spreadsheet Mapper from its creator, learn how to integrate databases with Earth and Maps, and take a look at the Google Maps and Earth APIs. In both sessions, participants will actually map locations, create a Google Earth project, and learn how to promote Google Earth and Maps content online.
Space is limited so REGISTER NOW! Get more information and register here. All enrollment fees will support Bioneers, a non-profit organizations that uses practical solutions and innovative strategies for restoring Earth's imperiled ecosystems and healing our human communities.

Link - from Google LatLong
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