Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Google Maps API Open Source Their Selenium Test Suite

The Google Maps API is one of our most popular developer products here at Google, and is also one of the trickiest to test because of its visual nature and diverse uses. It has to go through the standard backend and JsUnit testing, but then also through a suite of Selenium tests to make sure that DOM elements are positioned correctly, mouse events are triggered correctly, and even tests to address random bugs like Issue 517, where IE errored out when an implicitly closed base tag was used in the developer's HTML. And to top it off, all those tests must pass in every one of the API's supported browsers.

So, we decided to open source our selenium test suite so that developers could see the kind of integration tests we're currently running, and could even contribute their own tests that test specific functionality or an order of operations used on their site. What better way to make sure your site works with our API than contribute a test to make sure of it?

You can read more about the suite on our blog, peruse through our tests, and if you're a Maps API developer yourself, send us a test or two!

Link - from Google Testing Blog
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