Friday, September 19, 2008

Optimize for the Conversion Optimizer

If you're interested in using Google's Conversion Optimizer tool for your clients' campaigns, but are having trouble meeting the requirement of 100 conversions over the past 30 days, we'd like to help. We've compiled some tips below to boost your clients' conversions in order to be able to use the Conversion Optimizer for their keyword-targeted campaigns.

- If your client is willing to increase advertising spend, and:
  • is regularly hitting their budget, you can increase their budget.
  • is not usually hitting their budget, you can increase their CPCs in the ad groups of the affected campaign. Higher CPCs can help improve their Ad Rank, which can lead to better-converting clicks.
- If your client is not willing to increase their advertising spend, they may consider moving their conversion tracking code to a more prominent - yet still valuable - page on their site.

For example, if your client sells insurance, they can move the code from the "Thank You" page after a signup to the page where someone requests a quote. They'll still see data for meaningful actions on the site, while increasing the likelihood of receiving conversions since more people reach the quote page. [Note: if they do move the conversion tracking code, wait about two weeks before implementing Conversion Optimizer to allow the system time to adjust to the change.]

For more tips on reaching the conversion threshold requirement for the Conversion Optimizer, visit our Help Center.

Posted by Cathy Bishop, Creative Team
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