Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Release Candidate Available: Google Maps API Library for GWT

Following up on our earlier post, a release candidate of the Google Maps API Library for GWT is now available for download. This library provides a way to access the Google Maps API from a GWT project without having to write additional JavaScript code. The library gives you full control using the standard Maps components such as InfoWindows, Markers, MapTypes, and Geocoding. You can even use advanced features such as adding GWT widgets to the Map, creating custom overlays, custom map types, and other components.

In addition to maps, the Google API Libraries for GWT also provide libraries for Gears, Gadgets and the Google AJAX Search API. Please try out these release candidates and give us feedback, either through the issue tracker on, or through the Google-Web-Toolkit or Google-Web-Toolkit-Contributors group.

Link - from Google Web Toolkit Blog

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