Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two New Power Readers, and Canada

Post by Robby Stein, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Today we added two more journalist contributors to the Power Readers in Politics project: Marc Ambinder (Associate Editor of The Atlantic) and Jerry Seib (Executive Washington Editor of The Wall Street Journal). There are now 10 journalists sharing and commenting on political news with Google Reader, who in total have shared over 300 news items since we launched. By visiting the Power Readers site and clicking on your favorite contributor, you can add any participant's shared news feed to Google Reader so you won't miss newly shared items.

As a quick refresher, we launched Power Readers in Politics in August so that people could see the news sites read by Barack Obama and John McCain, and discover political news articles being shared in Google Reader by both the presidential campaigns and leading political pundits.

If you are interested in Canadian politics, we launched Power Readers Canada yesterday that features shared news from the major party leaders and top Canadian journalists.

Link - from Google Reader

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