Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vanderbilt welcomes the bus to the Commons

Last week kicked off our second week of the Google Apps Bus Tour adventure! The Google decorated school bus pulled into The Commons at Vanderbilt University early Thursday morning and prepared for a fun day with the Vandy students.

It proved to be the perfect spot to catch students in between classes or on their way to lunch for a quick demo and chat with them about how to use Google Apps.

Vanderbilt is one of the thousands of universities providing its students with Google Apps accounts, so our role on campus was to show students ways to take advantage of all the tools available to them.

Many students, despite having Gmail accounts, were not yet aware of all the cool products they now had at their fingertips, such as Docs and Spreadsheets and Google Sites. We were able to give students quick overviews of the applications and new tips and tricks they could use daily. One fan favorite was looking up public calendars in Google Calendar. For example, we were able to look up the schedule for the Tennessee Titans and simply add it to their personal calendars so they always know when their favorite team was playing again. More helpful tips like this one can be found at the Google Apps student site.

Throughout the day, we were able to interact with faculty, students and staff, and not only demo our products, but also hear their personal experiences and feedback on Google Apps. Here's a video that sums up our visit:

This week the bus hits up UNC Greensboro, University of Virginia, and George Washington University as we continue to head cross-country spreading the word about Google Apps. Make sure to check back for our updates and pictures from the road.

Posted by Maria Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant, Engineering

Link - from Google Student Blog

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