Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dev Release:

Google Chrome has been released to the Dev channel ONLY.

About the Dev Channel

The Dev channel lets you test the latest fixes and get access to new features as they're being developed. You can learn more about the Dev channel and how to subscribe here:

Release Highlights

Crash Fixes

Release 154.0 had a few browser crashes, including a crash on startup on tablet PCs running Windows Vista. We fixed the new crashes and 154.3 should be much more stable.

Plugin Performance Fixes

There are more plugin performance updates in this release, including fixing some videos that halt after 1 second (r3123, Issue 115) and plugins causing the browser to become unresponsive (r3323).

Safer Downloads

r3228 Changes the download behavior for files that could execute code (exe, dll, bat, etc.). These files are now downloaded to unconfirmed_*.download files. In the browser, you're asked if you want to accept the download. Only after you click Save is the unconfirmed_*.download file converted to the real file name. Unconfirmed downloads are deleted when Google Chrome exits.

There were many more minor changes. A more complete list can be found here:

--Mark Larson, Google Chrome Program Manager

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Dev Release:
Dev release:
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Beta release:

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