Thursday, October 2, 2008

Google Video for secure private video sharing available in Education Edition

Schools using Education Edition can now share videos privately and securely among faculty and staff with Google Video. Videos can be uploaded, shared with specific permissions, and watched by authorized viewers with no special hardware or software. Each school gets 3GB of video storage per user account, but admins must first whitelist specific users to give them permission to upload videos. Google Video is available for free trial in Education Edition until March 9, 2009, at which point it will cost $10 per user, per year.

Editions impacted:
Education Edition

Languages impacted:
US English

How to access what's new:
Education Edition administrators can enable Google Video by signing in to the control panel, clicking 'Add more services' and then 'Add it now'. Administrators using a non-English version of the control panel must temporarily switch to the 'Next Generation' English version of the control panel to enable Google Video. Google Video will remain enabled after switching back to the non-English version of the control panel.

Once enabled, Google Video is available for whitelisted Education Edition users at, but remember to replace "" with your actual domain name.

For more information:

Link - from The official update feed from
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