Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grants account tour: Conversion tracking

Now that Google Grants is directing users to your website, is there a specific action you’re looking for them to take? For example, is the purpose of your Grants campaign to collect donations? Or perhaps have them sign up for your newsletter? Whatever the action may be, conversion tracking can provide data about your campaign’s effectiveness. And you can get data regarding those actions on your website directly in your Grants accounts.

If you’re looking to track a specific action on your website, conversion tracking is a great way to do this. Conversion tracking begins when a user clicks on your ad, and then if the user reaches your conversion page (typically a ‘thank you’ page), the conversion will be recorded in your account.

Once you input your account’s conversion tracking code, you’ll notice new columns appear on the Campaign Summary page. These columns will report conversion data. When setting up tracking, you’ll be able to indicate the action you’re tracking as a Purchase, Lead, Signup, Pageview, and Other. Instructions on implementing conversion tracking can be found in the AdWords Help Center and in the Learning Center. One important thing to note is that you’ll have to edit the code on your website to get started, so make sure that your webmaster is available to make these fairly simple changes to your website’s code.

After conversion tracking is set up and you begin to accrue data, you may also want to run a Keyword Performance report and even customize the columns to focus on conversion data. This previous post provides helpful information on running reports.

Ultimately, conversion tracking can help you determine how to most effectively use your Grant. You might find that one ad group drives the majority of your conversions, which could indicate that your Grant could be used more effectively if other ad groups were paused. Also, you may notice that certain keywords drive up your campaign’s cost without resulting in conversions. In this case, you may want to consider pausing those keywords in order to permit the keywords that result in conversions to run more frequently. Whatever your campaign’s purpose may be, conversion tracking may potentially increase your campaign’s success.

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