Saturday, October 18, 2008

Introducing Google Video for business

People have been discussing the promise of corporate video for years. But to date it hasn't met expectations. Doing it well meant investing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in specialized video hardware and software that are difficult to set up, maintain and use. It was out of reach to all but the largest companies, and even for them, justifying the ROI of an enterprise video deployment was a challenge.

Thanks to cloud computing these barriers are now surmountable. Today we're announcing Google Video for business, the latest addition to the Google Apps collaboration suite for Premier Edition customers. Now you can share videos securely and affordably within your organization. There's no need to deploy new hardware or software: your videos are securely stored, processed and managed in Google's powerful, distributed cloud computing infrastructure.

Video for business enables your users to upload and share videos with a few easy steps. Once your videos are uploaded, using them across Google Apps is a breeze. You can share your videos with the entire domain, or with specific users. Video sharing is not just about distributing official corporate videos to the whole organization. It's also about enabling your employees to use video easily as an effective medium for communication and collaboration. Create engaging training portals or team spaces using Google Sites with video embeds, or bring a complex financial spreadsheet to life with a video highlighting the key achievements for the quarter. As an admin, you have owner-level access to all the videos in your domain, which means you can monitor your domain for inappropriate content and remove videos where necessary. Admins can also track how much video storage the domain has used, and who the top uploaders are.

Here's how we're using video inside Google:

Learn how customers are using Google Video for business:

Video is another example of how cloud computing enables entire new ways of communication and collaboration. We believe that Video for business will transform the way you and your organization use video the same way that YouTube has transformed the consumer video space.

You can learn more about video sharing and other innovative collaboration apps for businesses at

Posted by Kuan Yong, Product Manager, and Nick Dower, Tech Lead for Google Video for business team

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