Friday, October 31, 2008

Knol - now with Custom Search

Posted by: Cedric Dupont, Product Manager

Knol is a project aimed at helping people share their knowledge. Knols (units of knowledge) are authoritative articles written by people about a specific subject, ranging from tooth pain to solar energy to buttermilk pancakes. With all of these knols to browse, our readers have been begging us for a more powerful search tool. Well, today we have good news - we've added the power of Custom Search to Knol.

Custom Search gives us all of the speed and relevance of Google's search technology, but required none of the hard labor that went into making Google search what it is today. With Custom Search, Knol visitors will have a fast search experience that features all of the bells and whistles Google searchers have come to love (including our advanced spell checker). When you search within Knol, the search results look a little different from Web Search results (see this search for knee surgery, for instance). We were able to maintain that distinct feel for Knol search by taking advantage of the Custom Search XML results format (via Google Site Search) and creating the search result display that we wanted.

We want to hear from you if you have feedback on Knol search. Please leave your comment on our help page.

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