Monday, October 13, 2008

New Google Affiliate Network Features: Data Feed UI, Link Subscriptions and Batch Creative Uploads

We deployed some new features over the weekend that we hope will help our users manage some important day to day tasks.

Product data feed setup in the UI

Publishers can now sign up for data feeds from through our user interface by navigating to 'Get Links > Product Feeds.' The page will be populated with your approved advertisers that offer a data feed, establishes a file naming convention for all of the feeds the you select to receive from Google advertisers and validates your FTP information. If you have previously set up feeds via our support team your existing settings have not changed, but any settings you adjust in the interface will override previous settings.

Link Subscriptions (formerly known as OrangeLinks)

We've also made a minor name change to our service that delivers feeds of promotional data to publishers. OrangeLinks will now appear in the interface as Link Subscriptions. The functionality has not changed; publishers who sign up for link subscriptions receive a daily file of new ads that their approved advertisers have created in the system. If you are already signed up, you should be aware that the filename format will be changing to "Link Subscriptions_MMDDYYYY.xls". If you haven't signed up, you should navigate to 'Get Links > Link Subscriptions' to get started; many publishers use this feature to quickly review every promotion their advertisers offer.

Batch Creative Upload

Advertisers may now upload creative assets in large batches. Loading creatives one by one is time consuming so we've added a feature to creative management that allows advertisers to upload zip files containing multiple creatives. We expect this will be a huge time saver in the busy Q4 season for many of our users.

Help Center

In case you missed it, we recently announced that we've launched a new help center. There is a lot of great content in there and we'll be adding more in the future. If you haven't checked it out yet, please take a minute to browse the advertiser and publisher docs.


Larry Adams
Product Manager

Link - from Google Affiliate Network Blog

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