Saturday, October 25, 2008

New GWT Incubator Drop available

By Emily Crutcher, Google Web Toolkit Team

With GWT 1.5 now officially out, we're pleased to announce a new drop of the GWT Incubator with 1.5 specific features.

A special thanks to the great group of engineers outside of Google who have contributed to the project including Ray Cromwell, Jason Essington, Daniel Florey, Fred Sauer.


There are a variety of small widgets percolating in incubator right now
  • DatePicker, a fully internationalized and extensible date picking widget
  • GlassPanel, produces a translucent effect around UI components, useful to indicate currently non-interactive components
  • FastTree, a fully customizable tree with a rich event mode
  • SliderBar/ProgressBar/Spinner, a set of really useful widgets to add pizazz to your project


The table suite provides performance and functionality to tables
  • Bulk rendering of tables(up to 10x faster than normal rendering)
  • Scrolling tables, where the footer and header are fixed
  • Paging tables, where the table can page through arbitrary data sets
  • Editable tables, complete with common cell editors


The GWT logging suite adds additional logging capabilities
  • Logging levels based on the Java logging system
  • Categories and filters to narrow logging output
  • A native Java mode for shared code, where the output can be integrated with your server logging system
  • Compilation options so logging can be completely removed or minimally included for production mode
  • A variety of logging handlers that output to everything from Firebug to a GWT tree widget

CSS support

CssResource enables your css source files to be fully commented and modularized without a performance hit. For those of you that use css heavily, you know the trade-offs between readable/modular css and css that is efficient to download, and will want to give this a spin.
  • Strips CSS of comments and white space
  • Aggregates CSS into a single html file
  • (And in an advanced configuration)
    • Obfucates css style names
    • Eliminates unused css rules
    • Selectively applies rules per browser


Vector graphics have also made their way to the GWT Incubator. The GWTCanvas Widget exposes an API for drawing and transforming shapes and images, as well as for defining paths to create custom shapes.
  • Rotations, scales, and translation
  • Custom paths including arcs, lines and curve
  • Image drawing and transformations
  • Compositing operations and transparency

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