Monday, October 13, 2008

One word to describe Google Reader...

Over the past two weeks, some of you may have noticed (and might have even clicked on) a link to a satisfaction survey while using Google Reader. We're always interested in learning more about how you use Google Reader and what features you'd like to see next. We'll certainly be sharing what features and fixes emerged from your input in the coming weeks.

We asked all of you to describe Reader in one word and, well, here's what you said:

Reader words tag cloud
(Responses as of October 6th, 2008) Word cloud created at

Try clicking the image to see a zoomable version that allows you to get close and see some of the less frequent, yet often equally insightful/amusing, words you used to describe Reader (you can also turn your own images into zoomable maps here).

We were really happy to hear that the great majority of respondents thought very highly of Google Reader, but we also acknowledge that there's a lot of work to be done, as some of you described Reader as:

  • Meh
  • cpumemoryhog
  • adequate
  • clunky

Finally, we didn't know quite what to make of some of your descriptions, but enjoyed them thoroughly nonetheless:

  • Wunderbar
  • Cromulent
  • creamy-goodness
  • Pineapple

Thanks again for your helpful (and highly amusing) feedback!

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