Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick tip: Increase traffic with the Impression Share report

Recently, the AdWords Help Forum started posting weekly tips to help
advertisers improve their campaigns. This got us thinking... why not share
the love with our blog readers? In this spirit, we'll periodically share
some of these tips and tricks with you, covering everything from new tools
to optimization strategies.

Today, we'll start
with unlocking the mystery behind why certain campaigns have low search traffic.
First, it's helpful to understand the impression
of your ads. Impression share is a metric that represents the
percentage of impressions your ad received out of the total available
impressions in the market you're targeting. The Impression
Share report
, available through the Report Center, gives you insight into
how you stack up against others in your industry, helping you make more
effective changes to your campaigns and boost traffic.

With insight into potential traffic, you can make more informed decisions and
get answers to question like:
  • Do I have room to expand in my
    targeted market?
  • Am I losing impressions due to low ad rank?
  • Am I losing impressions due to a low budget?
  • What's my
    impression share for the specific keywords I'm using?
Once you have an understanding of where you're missing out on potential
traffic, the next step is improving your
ads' impression share. So, before you start restructuring your whole account
to increase traffic, get clued in by running an
Impression Share report.

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