Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recent OpenSocial launches and spec evolution

Looking over the broad OpenSocial community, September was a very active month. In particular, there have been numerous OpenSocial deployments:
  • Netlog shipped OpenSocial apps to users throughout Europe
  • Hyves, a social network popular in the Netherlands, also launched with OpenSocial
  • Several new developer sandboxes are available for early access and prototyping:
    •, a large Russian email site
    • Viadeo, a professional social network, especially popular in France
    • Lokalisten, a popular German social network
  • hi5, orkut, and iGoogle have deployed OpenSocial v0.8 JavaScript to their developer sandboxes
    • hi5 even has an endpoint for the REST protocol available
  • At Yahoo!'s Open Hack Day, we also got a sneak peek of Yahoo's early work implementing OpenSocial
You can find links to 20+ OpenSocial containers on the OpenSocial Getting Started Guide.

We've also seen a lot of progress on the evolution of the OpenSocial spec and related docs: See you on the forums.

Posted by Dan Peterson, on behalf of the OpenSocial Foundation

Link - from OpenSocial API Blog

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