Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tip of the week: Frightfully fun My Maps

When I was younger, every Halloween I would pull out the paper map that came in our community directory and figure out the optimal route for trick-or-treating. I would trace routes with a pencil until I found one that allowed me to hit the most streets with the least backtracking. I'd even put little stars on the map at all the houses that had the best decorations... or handed out king-size candy bars the previous year.

This year, I'll be staying home so I can be the one handing out candy, but I've got a tip for anyone who is planning on heading out trick-or-treating next Friday, or who has kids that are: make a My Map of the route! Trace lines for which paths to take, and put icons to mark the important stops along the way, and share it with others so they can contribute too. And while you're plotting out your route, you can turn on Street View to make sure there are sidewalks, or get a feel for distances distance using walking directions. The only important detail Google Maps can't help with is figuring out which houses have the best candy!

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