Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tip of the week: Viewing KMLs in Google Maps

We post a bunch of KML and KMZ files on this blog, and usually tell you to download the file then open it with Google Earth. But don't forget that you can also open KML or KMZ files in Google Maps, and without a download. To open, just paste a URL hosting the file into the Maps search box and click 'Search'. (You can find the the URL by right-clicking on one of our links to a KML/KMZ, instead of downloading it). You can find more detail about what KML content is viewable in Google Maps in the Help Center, but this trick should come in handy for most of the files you find us talking about on the blog. For example, last year we blogged about a KML of air emissions created by the EPA -- and here it is in Google Maps!

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