Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tracking Hurricane Gustav in Google Earth

As menacing Hurricane Gustav approaches the U.S. Gulf Coast, we've added a "Hurricane Gustav" folder under the "Weather" folder in Google Earth.

Expand the folder to find the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, a forecast track (also from the NHC), and a set of webcams in and around Louisiana, provided to us by Weather Bonk. We may be adding more information into the folder as the situation unfolds.

Please keep in mind when tracking the storm in Google Earth that the "Clouds" layer is 1-3 hours behind "real time," so the storm is actually farther ahead than it looks. The "Radar" layer should be accurate within 15-30 minutes of real-time.

For more detailed data on the approaching storm, including individual images from various satellites, load this KML into Google Earth, produced by the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey.

The volunteer-run Gustav Information Center has embedded a map of Evacuation Centers & Routes on their site.

If you happen to be in one of the affected areas, please stay tuned to your local authorities for specific instructions.

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