Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where are your clicks coming from? (Geographically speaking)

A new report is now available in the AdWords Report Center: the Geographic Performance report. This report provides you with an understanding of the geographic distribution of your impressions, clicks, and conversions down to the ad group level. Do you know if you're getting more clicks from snowy Juneau, Alaska, or sunny Miami, Florida? Now you can find out.

How can this help? Well, if you're using AdWords, you already know about targeting. You can use location targeting with any campaign to only show ads to users in certain geographic locations.

Say, for example, you sell and ship gourmet ice cream to anywhere in the U.S. After running the report, you find that your ads are doing great in Miami, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, but you're also finding a surprising amount of customers from Juneau, Alaska. Next step: refine your campaigns. By specifically targeting those locations where your ads perform best you can maximize your campaign's performance.

You can create a Geographic Performance report from the Report Center in your AdWords account.

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