Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where in the world is ...

This month we've published a significant amount of new or updated high resolution satellite imagery for Google Earth. So if you think it is going to be easy to find the new imagery, stop and think again. You are going to have to work a little. We have put together a list of clues about where to find some of our new imagery. Here is one to get you off and running on your Google Earth tour: I would encourage all to go and explore the earth -- you never know what you might see.

1) Often referred to as "The Crown of Polish Mountains," this is the highest point in the country.

2) A university named after an American revolutionary, patriot, and founding father -- and home to a surprise Final Four team.

3) In 1405, the French conqueror Jean de Bethencourt took the island and gave his name to the former capital, Betancuria, on the west coast (Puerto Rosario took over the mantle as island capital in 1835). The name of the island itself is believed to have come from Bethencourt's exclamation "Que forte aventure!" ("What a grand adventure!") A less romantic explanation is that the name simply means "strong wind."

4) This city, located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, is home to Peninsula College and is the birthplace of football hall of famer John Elway.

The Olympic Mountains in winter, as seen from the east. The Brothers is the large double peak on the left, and Mount Constance is on the right.

5) Approximately 80 percent of this state's population lives along the Wasatch Front.

6) The Industrial Museum is housed in a former Silk Mill in this city (the start of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site).

7) Interested in movies? Some scenes in the 1999 thriller Double Jeopardy starring Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones were filmed here, notably at the historic courthouse.

8) This city lies on the Arno River and has been called the "Athens of the Middle Ages."

9) A tale of three states:
  • This state has the highest plunge waterfalls in the country
  • One of the greatest batsmen in the world, or the Master Blaster hails from this state
  • The "Mosque of the four minarets is an important monument in this state.

Jog Falls, The Taj and Charminar

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