Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where in the world is...

Greetings, geo fans. Today I'm happy to announce the launch of new imagery for Google Earth. Not wanting to spoil the fun, here are some hints to help you discover where the new imagery coverage is located. Check back tomorrow for the answers and a more complete list of updated areas.

1) Often referred to as The Cape, this land mass is technically an island.

2) The happiest place in Europe has been updated.

3) A major tourist attraction and host of an annual film festival, this city has gotten the star treatment.

4) You can now explore this city in high resolution, though it's not quite what William Gibson envisioned.

5) This tiny city-state is known for it's glitz, glamor, and incredible wealth.

6) You can see this city's expressway renovation project -- which cost close to a billion dollars -- nearly completed.

7) The city of a hundred spires can be viewed with increased clarity.

8) This famous stretch of road was built by returned servicemen as a war memorial.

9) According to several recent surveys, residents in this city experience the world's highest quality of life.

10) Though it's expanded beyond them, this city is famous for its intact renaissance era city walls.

Finally, thanks to our ever-attentive geo community, we were able to correct an anomaly that appeared in our imagery of a golf course in the Netherlands. It turned out to be an image-processing error that happened during our color-correction process, so we've removed it.

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