Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You're invited: OpenSocial's First Birthday! Nov. 13th at MySpace San Francisco

Hard to believe, but OpenSocial is just a few weeks shy of being a full year
old! To celebrate, we're getting together to look back on the great progress
we've all made in the past year and to discuss where we should take OpenSocial
next. And of course, we'll eat birthday cake!

You're invited! The event, which is free and open to anyone, will be on Thursday, November 13th, and is being hosted in San Francisco at MySpace's SOMA office. Developers, containers, and API designers alike have done a lot, even since the OpenSocial Summit in May, and we're excited about showcasing the cool stuff developers have done, talk about recent container launches, and discuss the future evolution of the spec. The day will include:
  • App developers talking about their experience developing with OpenSocial
  • Discussions and demos of the latest spec proposals (e.g. OpenSocial Templates)
  • Updates from OpenSocial containers such as MySpace, Yahoo!, orkut and iGoogle
  • Hacking. Yes, lots of time for programming with numerous experts on hand.
  • Partying. I already mentioned birthday cake, right?
We'll provide food, drink, and wifi. Doors will open at 10 am, and we'll finish off in the evening with a proper birthday party and social hour, so bring your party hat and get ready to code.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the event, please visit the OpenSocial community forum.

If you're going to be joining us, please help us plan by RSVPing for the event!

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