Wednesday, November 5, 2008 开放平台 launches OpenSocial to 31M+ unique users

The platform team announced that the Developer Platform launched OpenSocial support on Oct. 18, and successfully ran a live OpenSocial app called Emote developed by RockYou, becoming the first large-scale social networking site in China to successfully do so.

The Developer Platform currently supports OpenSocial APIs for accessing user and friends' profile info and enables application development using the OpenSocial 0.7 JavaScript API. plans to continue adding features to their OpenSocial platform, starting with support for the REST and RPC protocols, as defined in OpenSocial 0.8.1.

For those interested in developing OpenSocial applications, you may implement your creative ideas on the Developer Platform, gaining instant access to 31.5 million active users on

To learn more about OpenSocial application development on, go to the OpenSocial developer community on the Developer Platform. provides social networking services to Chinese users worldwide. It is the fastest growing social network in China and has consistently taken a leadership role in providing products and services and advancing related technologies in the social networking industry. currently has 130 million registered user accounts with an active user base of 31.5 million, concurrent online users of nearly 1.1M, and average daily page views of more than 300 million. Users spend an average of 41 minutes each session on and upload 10 million photos, write 3 million blogs, and listen to 35 million songs daily.

Link - from OpenSocial API Blog
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Matthias Rademacher said...

How many daily active users have Are the 31M users, which are mentioned in the post, monthly active users?
Thanks in advance.