Friday, November 7, 2008

The bus stops here

Last week marked the second birthday of Google Apps for Education, which we first announced in 2006 at EDUCAUSE -- an annual conference that focuses on an area we're very passionate about: technology in education. So we couldn't think of any better way to celebrate our 2 year and 2.5M user mark than by returning to Orlando, Florida for EDUCAUSE 2008. We even brought the bus to our event at Universal City Walk to mingle with some Marvel super heroes:

While in Florida, we got the chance to meet with many people from schools using Google Apps and hear more about their experience on campus. Obviously we really like to do this, as you might recall from our recent "App to School" bus tour, where we drove our eco-friendly bus to colleges across the country. Hearing directly from students, staff, and faculty about how they use products like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and Google Talk opens our eyes to all the opportunities for innovation that are still ahead. Here's a snapshot of what we heard:

Sadly, the bus tour ends here, but stay tuned because you never know where and when it might show up! If you're interested in bringing Google Apps to your school to make it a more effective learning community, visit

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