Friday, November 21, 2008

Findability without the complexity

As information continues to pile up behind the corporate firewall, companies and executives are fast recognizing that effective findability is more than a nice-to-have -- it's a must-have for their business. In fact, in a recent survey by AIIM, 62% of respondents saw findability as "imperative or significant" to their overall business goals and success, while only 5% reported that it wasn't a factor.

Findability is a complex problem, and our goal is to provide businesses with a simple solution. That's why we've put together 'Enterprise Findability Without the Complexity' - a look into our philosophy and approach to search for businesses. We've noticed that approaches to findability can vary dramatically, which can have a significant impact on subsequent results. For instance, a traditional architecture, as demonstrated in this video, might include a plethora of servers, such as front-end web servers, index servers, query servers, database servers, and SAN storage. Not to mention load balancing servers, identity servers, disaster recovery servers, patch deployment servers, and volume license management servers. What a mouthful!

On the other hand, there is the appliance based model - i.e., one box that does it all. The Google Search Appliance can search 10 million documents with just one box, and pull information together from across a business - whether it lives in a database, intranet, business application or content management system. Not to mention it looks pretty snazzy too.

You can read the full document here. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

[NFGB] Link - from Official Google Enterprise Blog
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