Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Google Analytics for Google Apps

Posted by Nick Cooper, Google Apps Engineer

You may already use Google Analytics to see how people interact with your public website. Now we're letting Google Apps administrators harness the power of Google Analytics to shed light on how their users are interacting with Google Docs and Google Sites.

Want to see how many employees checked out your company's new travel policy? Curious if your European sales team is taking advantage of the same resources as your US team? Because you can slice and dice usage information for content by hour, day, week, month, user location, browser type and more, answering these kinds of questions is easy.

Google Apps Premier and Education Edition administrators can link their Google Analytics accounts to Google Apps through the Google Apps administrative control panel. Just go to the 'Advanced Tools' tab, click 'Setup Google Analytics' and enter the profile ID number from your Google Analytics account to begin collecting usage data.

Link - from Official Google Enterprise Blog
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