Monday, November 10, 2008

Google Audio Indexing now on Google Labs

Nearly two months ago, we introduced the Google Elections Video Search gadget on iGoogle, a tool that transcribes and indexes the spoken content on YouTube's Politicians channels. It didn't take long for folks to find some creative ways to use it! Now it's possible to enjoy this technology in a bigger way: We just launched Google Audio Indexing (aka GAudi) in Google Labs. The dedicated site offers more features, such as "search within video" and "sharing," and a more robust user interface.

As with all things in Labs, we will continue to experiment with new features. So whether you care about flip-flopping, the glass ceiling, change or taxes, we'll keep working to provide the most relevant results for you.

[NFGB] Link - from The Official Google Blog
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Dr Doc said...

i want to add my new new cartoon videos to my blogs, but now i'm not able to do so. Can someone help me out?
i'm a bit slowed from parkinsons disease and i may be making mistakes, but i don't think so.
Thanks, Dr Doc