Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Google Chrome version has been released. You will automatically get updated in the next few days. You can open About Google Chrome (from the wrench menu) to get the update at any time.

This is a roll up of fixes that have previously been released to our Dev channel users. See for details on the changes that have been made since
Note: Please use the excellent Google Chrome Help Center or file a bug to report problems. There are a lot of people watching those sites and ready to help.

New Features

  • Bookmark manager with import/export.

Use the 'Customize and control Google Chrome' (wrench) menu to open the Bookmark manager. You can search bookmarks, create folders, and drag and drop bookmarks to new locations. The Bookmark Manager's Tools menu lets you export or import bookmarks.

  • Privacy section in Options.

We grouped together all of the configuration options for features that might send data to another service. Open the wrench menu, click Options, and select the Under the Hood tab.

  • New blocked pop-up notification.

The pop-up blocker formerly just minimized pop-up windows to the lower right corner of the browser window, create one 'constrained' window for each pop-up. Now, Google Chrome displays one small notification in the corner that shows the number of blocked pop-ups. A menu on the notification lets you open a specific pop-up, if needed.

Security Issues

  • This release fixes an issue with downloaded HTML files being able to read other files on your computer and send them to sites on the Internet. We now prevent local files from connecting to the network with XMLHttpRequest() and also prompt you to confirm a download if it is an HTML file.

Severity: Moderate. If a user could be enticed to open a downloaded HTML file, this flaw could be exploited to send arbitrary files to an attacker.
[Originally fixed in 154.18]

Other Updates

Bug-fix updates (no new features) to major components:

--Mark Larson, Google Chrome Program Manager

[NFGB] Link - from Google Chrome version
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