Thursday, November 13, 2008

Google Maps for mobile for the enterprise

If you manage information technology for a business that has deployed BlackBerry phones, listen up. The Google Mobile team has provided some great new ways to deploy Google Maps for mobile in your business using BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Employees who go on business trips use Google Maps to get directions to their meetings, or to find hotels or restaurants in cities they visit. Employees can easily use Google Maps on their desktop computers, but it's not as easy to use Google Maps once they step away from the office.

Sometimes employees do not know about Google Maps for mobile. In other cases IT managers haven't whitelisted the application in BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which might prevent BlackBerry users from installing it.

To remedy this, Google encourages IT managers to install Google Maps for mobile on company-issued phones. Recently the Maps for mobile team developed new installation packages that make it easier than ever to give your staff Google Maps on their BlackBerry phones.

The new installation packages include the latest Google Maps for mobile release, which features Street View and walking directions.

To give your staff Google Maps for mobile, visit

Posted by Ryan Pollock, Google Mobile Product Marketing Manager

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