Monday, November 10, 2008

The Google Search Appliance meets Google Apps

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine did something amazing: he displayed a Google Docs presentation on his iPhone! Afterwards, I wanted to find out more information: How can I view a Google Docs presentation on my iPhone? What other mobile devices does Google Docs support?

I thought about searching Google Sites or Google's external website. I also thought about searching my desktop, my email, and the hundreds of thousands of Google Docs that Googlers have shared with each other. But luckily, thanks to Googles Enterprise's Universal Search technology, I don't need to think because I can search all of these sources from a single search box. You may have used Google Desktop Enterprise Edition to add desktop and email results to your Google Search Appliance search. We have also announced a OneBox for your external website and the Google Sites Integration to include your domain's Google Sites. But what about Google Docs? Now you can search all of your domain's published Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations with your Google Search Appliance.

This marks the second graduation of an Enterprise Labs experiment. Advanced Search Reporting graduated with the most recent search appliance release. Today Google Sites Integration graduates from Enterprise Labs and gets upgraded to include Google Docs - both of which are included in the most recent search appliance release! Try the new Google Apps Integration.

And if you want to view your Google Docs search results on a mobile device, check out
this Google Docs blog post.

[NFGB] Link - from Official Google Enterprise Blog
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