Saturday, November 8, 2008

New enhancements to Google Message Security and Discovery

We're happy to announce several new controls that IT administrators can now use within Message Security and Discovery. These Postini powered services provide spam filtering and email archiving to organizations that maintain their own email infrastructure.

(1) Our spam protection continues to evolve, this time with NDR (non-delivery receipt) filter improvements. Administrators can now more precisely deal with NDR attacks which includes the ability to distinguish between legitimate and spam NDR messages and set rules that bypass the NDR filter.

(2) Customers who route their outbound mail through our datacenters greatly benefit from this next enhancement. We've observed that customers' mail servers can send volumes of junk messages, which in most cases are generated when servers are inadvertently configured as an open relay and used by spammers. This creates a number of problems, including the DNS "blacklisting" of the outbound server. Our outbound mail processing now includes spam scanning. This reduces DNS blocking issues and helps raise awareness of possible mail server security issues.

(3) Within Message Discovery, administrators can now place a hold on messages of a particular user to prevent them from being removed from the archive. This is useful in cases where an investigation involves a particular employee or group of employees.

The Google Message Discovery search interface.

If you're an IT decision maker
in an organization running email systems such as Exchange or Lotus Notes and you would like to learn more about Google Message Security & Discovery, join us for our next live webinar, "Is your spam fight costing you too much time and money?," on November 12th at 11am PST. Register for the webinar here or visit our website.

Link - from Official Google Enterprise Blog
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