Thursday, November 6, 2008

OpenSocial Foundation: The Election Results Are in!

The OpenSocial Foundation community representatives election has concluded. With 311 eligible voters and 213 valid ballots cast, the community has selected Jay Parikh, and Joseph Smarr to serve as the two community representatives for this year's board. Congratulations to Jay and Joseph!

By way of introduction...

A bit about Jay Parikh:
Mr. Parikh is passionate about technology, platforms, and leading innovative product development. Currently, Mr. Parikh is the Senior Vice President of Product Engineering at Ning where he oversees the product development, engineering, and operations teams. This team is responsible for creating and scaling Ning's social networking platform that today powers nearly 500,000 social networks. Prior to joining Ning, Mr. Parikh was the Vice President of Engineering at Akamai Technologies. During his nine years at Akamai, Mr. Parikh led the product engineering teams responsible for many of the distributed delivery and acceleration solutions used by the majority of Akamai's customers.

A bit about Joseph Smarr:
Joseph Smarr is Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo. He is currently leading Plaxo's "Open Social Web" initiative to put users back in control of who they know when using socially-enabled sites by using open data-sharing standards. An active participant in the Web 2.0 community, Joseph has built web applications for many years, including Plaxo's online address book, web widgets, and was architect and lead developer of the Plaxo 3.0 rich AJAX address book, calendar, and sync tool. Joseph has a BS and MS from Stanford University in Artificial Intelligence.

Please also give your regards to the other candidates for their participation in the election and the OpenSocial community.

For those of you looking to get involved with OpenSocial, there are many ways outside the board, including: See you on the forums!

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