Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sometimes you need more than a model

LayOut 2 is:

1) included with SketchUp Pro 7
2) out of Beta
3) available today!

What's LayOut? Well, it's like this...

Say you've got kids (like I do) and they've snookered you into working on a design for the new playground at their elementary school. "No problem!" you say, and you whip up a a great design and model it like a pro in SketchUp. Project done, right? Well... now the Principal would like to see the design, as would the president of the PTO. And then the fund raising committee would like a nice picture to display at the bake sale. The well-meaning contractor needs to know what it looks like, and wants to get the landscaping started today. They all think your model is great, and they all want a copy of it. Right now.

What you need is LayOut: the easy-to-use documentation tool for SketchUp models. With LayOut, you drop your SketchUp model into a pre-built document template (with professional titleblock and everything), generate a quick set of scaled drawings for the contractor, and a nice presentation perspective for the bake sale. And when you're done, you email a PDF file to everyone on the project and give the Principal a polished slide presentation in his office from your laptop.

Funds are raised, the playground is built, the kids are heroes with their friends and everybody's happy! In fact, everything is going great now, except the kids (inspired by your success with the playground) would now like you to get them a puppy. You're on your own with that one...

[NFGB] Link - from Official Google SketchUp Blog
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