Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The students weigh in at the University of Westminster

With thousands of universities currently using Google Apps, it's not uncommon for us to learn about a new school going live every day. One of the latest school to deploy Apps is the University of Westminster in central London, which will soon be introducing our hosted email and collaborative tools to over 25,000 students and staff on campus.

Westminster's Information Services director, Professor Roger James, said that using Google would help the school better engage with "Gen-X, Gen-Y" students brought up on the web, and the inherent collaboration abilities of web-based software would also be a boon. As proof of their mission to resonate with students, the University even asked their students what system they would prefer to use. We were delighted to hear that over 90% of their students agreed that Google was their preference. According to James, "modern IT needs everyone to support the change to be successful; it is as much a decision around what the users want as any technical decision. Products like Google offer a tremendous platform for IT to build on the interest of their users."

We find it incredibly valuable to listen to students about how they use Apps, so we're glad that Westminster has listened to their students as well.

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