Sunday, November 2, 2008

When you speak, we listen

Here in Google Desktop land, we value two things: 1) feedback from people who use Google Desktop and 2) chocolate malt balls (good to eat, good to throw). While we love hearing how much you enjoy Google Desktop, we also want to know what we can do better.

As our Tech Lead pointed out on the official Google blog, one thing you really stressed to us was performance. So what did we work on? A really cool comic. (Just kidding.) No, we doubled down and cranked out our latest release of Google Desktop 5.8, which focuses primarily on — you guessed it — performance.

Although performance was our main focus, we also wanted to release some features and fixes in response to your other requests. Many of you still rely on Outlook, so we made our search cover more Outlook folders, with better speed and stability. We also made a number of additions to the Desktop APIs, including support for Flash in gadgets!

So if you use Google Desktop, please download the latest version. If you've never tried Google Desktop (or are a "former GD user"), why not give it a try? And remember, we love to hear feedback!

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