Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YouTube Live: It's On!

You may have noticed that the YouTube homepage looks a little different. Want to know why? YouTube Live, of course. From 5pm PST/ 8pm EST, we will be furnishing you with three live streams direct from the Live channel, offering you direct access to everything that is happening on the Main Stage, Backstage and Off Stage at YouTube Live. And boy, is there a lot happening…

We could take this opportunity to list the great acts that are lined up: get all excited over Will.i.am's appearance; marvel at Chad Vader's original killer conceit; or deconstruct the intrinsic appeal of Will It Blend?, but this being the internet – and in the interests of fairness to all concerned – you can check out the full talent roster here.

In addition to these names, you should expect to be blown away by some of the biggest trends sweeping the site right now, from the physical theater of parkour to the coming together of technology and The Funk that is video remixing.

Once the curtain falls on the event, highlights will be uploaded so that you can relive key moments of the performance. We're going all-out to celebrate the best that YouTube's user community has to offer and we want you to share in it – so what are you waiting for? Head for Live and get watching.

Have fun,
The YouTube Team

[NFGB] Link - from YouTube Blog
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