Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Google Analytics Seminars for Success December 8 - 9, 2008 in Montreal

Seminars for Success have been so popular in the US that we're now expanding to Canada! Come join one of our lead instructors, Justin Cutroni, Director of Analytics at EpikOne for a Google Analytics Seminars for Success in Montreal December 8 - 9. Whether you are an analyst or tasked with configuring Google Analytics this seminar will help improve your overall understanding of Google Analytics.

Perhaps you have questions like, "What reports should I be looking at for my business and what do they mean? How do I configure goals? What is an acceptable bounce rate?" If so, then Seminars for Success Montreal is for you. For only $249 U.S. per day this seminar offers tremendous value.

Day 1 focuses on Google Analytics reports and data. Justin walks through almost every report and shows how you can use Google Analytics to gain meaningful data insights. Day 1 will also cover many of the new Google Analytics analysis tools including Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reports and Motion Charts.

Day 1: Introduction & User Training
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics Reporting Features
  • Sharing GA Data
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Understanding Site Visitors
  • Tracking online marketing campaigns
  • Evaluating site content and user navigation
  • Understanding Goals and Conversion Funnels
  • Website testing with the Google Website Optimizer
On Day 2 Justin really digs into how Google Analytics works and how to configure it correctly.

Day 2: Advanced Technical Implementation

  • GA architecture overview
  • Learning about Regular Expressions
  • Improving your data with filters
  • Setting up Goals and Funnels
  • Implementing E-Commerce Tracking
  • Configuring Custom Segmentation
  • Introduction to Event Tracking
  • Tracking websites with multiple domains/subdomains
  • Code customization
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See what some past attendees are saying about the Seminars for Success:

"The course was outstanding. Going through all the functionality in a structured way with such a good presentation style has been incredibly worthwhile. Highly recommended!"

"This course is an unbelievable value. Now I've got a scalpel, where I had a hatchet prior. Awesome amount of info here—I've used GA for 2 years, and I never knew what I didn't know. Now I do!"

"Great seminar for geeks AND non-geeks interested in creating actionable website metrics."

"I learned more in this seminar than I have in all of the time I've spent playing in Google Analytics and reading books."

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