Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A holiday break to play with all the new stuff

Posted by Zach Yeskel, Product Marketing Manager

It's been another busy year for the Gmail elves, trying to find places to store all these emails (don't you people ever sleep?)... If you're finding it hard to keep track of all the new things we've added to Gmail over the last few months, here are some of our favorites to check out while you're sipping your eggnog this week:

  • Catch up with distant friends and family with Gmail voice and video chat, or send them a text message with SMS chat.
  • When you're having trouble putting your feelings into words, try an emoticon. (There's nothing quite like a virtual emoticon hug...)
  • Pick a Gmail theme and spice up your inbox.
  • Turn on Tasks and keep track of your holiday shopping.
  • See your calendar, documents, and email all at once with Calendar and Docs gadgets.
  • Get a new, faster Gmail app on your mobile phone.
  • Use Mail Goggles to avoid sending out that embarrassing email after the company holiday party.
  • Send in your self-addressed stamped envelope and get yourself some Gmail stickers.
  • And there's more in Gmail Labs – forgotten attachment detector, superstars, and advanced IMAP controls – check out all the new stuff in the Labs tab under Settings.
On behalf of the entire Gmail team, happy holidays! We'll see you in 2009.
[NFGB] Link - from Official Gmail Blog
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