Thursday, December 18, 2008

L'introduction d'un nouvel ami: the Google Analytics blog in French

Bonjour! We couldn't be happier to announce a new Google Analytics blog for all you francophiles - le blog officiel de Google Analytics (en français)! This is a companion blog to this English blog and it will be linked to from our French homepage, via the "Blog" link. Take a look to read the very first post!

The French blog will have translated and localized versions of important posts from this blog, such as feature launches and integrations. There will also be practitioner posts and announcements, such as case studies from the French-speaking market and techniques for analyzing data that might be specific to the online industry in France or other French speaking countries. It will also be a place to find out about French analytics events that are happening. And it will not just be localized towards the French-speaking markets - it will be a good read for everything Google Analytics, written in French.

Google Analytics managers Nat Criou and Serge Descombes will be your chief correspondents on the blog, and there will also be contributions from French-speaking experts. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez!


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