Thursday, December 18, 2008

New and improved account management pages

By now, you've probably noticed the account management pages you see when you log into your Google Analytics account. The pages have been updated to provide you with easier access and monitoring capabilities to your accounts and profiles. Now it's easier to manage and monitor your accounts and profiles, and also easier to see areas requiring attention because you can also glimpse at key performance metrics up front, right upon login. We've bubbled up snippets of meaningful data with clear visual cues and cool icons so you can quickly get an update if you don't want to completely dive into reports.

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With the new navigation scheme, we've added the ability for administrators to rename accounts and profiles directly on that page and have introduced a profile locator functionality to help increase efficiency and ease of account management.

You can also:
  • Easily navigate from account to profiles by just clicking on the account name (and back with Overview)
  • Better understand the hierarchy relationship between accounts and profiles and quickly find their webproperty ID
  • See key loyalty and success metrics for all your accounts and profiles, and sort by any of these metrics
  • Use the "Find Profiles" locator box or "starring" functionality to quickly find and navigate to a desired profiles and accounts, regardless of how many there are. No need to sift through pages of irrelevant content.
It's all about ease of use. For example, now, with a glance, you can determine positive or negative changes in account performance and quickly pull up the reports for a specific account. Additionally, administrators can rename account and profiles directly in the account management interface, without a lot of drilling down.

We hope that the new interface will save you a lot of time. Enjoy!

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