Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google Earth: now you CAN take it with you

When Lionel Barrymore ("Grandpa Martin Vanderhof") told Jimmy Stewart ("Tony Kirby") "You Can't Take it With You," he clearly wasn't talking about Google Earth Enterprise.

Starting immediately, you can take Google Earth Enterprise with you, thanks to a new portable version – an extension to the technology behind programs like Virtual Alabama, below, and the US Forest Service's Automated Flight Following.

Google Earth Enterprise lets customers build globes with their own data that can be accessed with the same fast, easy-to-use technology as Google Earth. Previously, Google Earth Enterprise customers could only access their private Google Earth globes when connected to the network. Sometimes, when working in the field, limited or no network connectivity prevented our customers from accessing the full potential of the geospatial data.

The portable version of Google Earth Enterprise allows organizations to distribute geospatial data to their employees where bandwidth is limited or unavailable – such as emergency workers responding to a disaster. Customers can deploy the portable solution for a single individual, or for a multi-person team.

This version is also appropriate for situations when users are away from their desks and need to access an organization's geospatial data. Data collected in the field can also be transferred to the primary system when network connectivity is available.

We're always listening and working to improve our products, and we look forward to hearing about the new and innovative uses you find for this technology.

[NFGB] Link - from Official Google Enterprise Blog
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