Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aptera Recognized for Innovation

Posted by Adam Borelli, Investments Team

Popular Mechanics recognized Aptera Motors' innovation with its Breakthrough Innovators Award. Aptera has optimized the aerodynamics of Typ-1e and Typ-1h and lightweighted the vehicles by using lightweight composite-fiber. This vehicle is so aerodynamic that its drag is less than that of the sideview mirrors of a pickup truck. All of this allows Aptera's Typ-le and Typ-1h to realize fantastic miles per gallon equivalent and miles per gallon, respectively. According to Popular Mechanics, the drag of the Typ-1e is 0.15 and the drag of the Toyota Prius is 0.26. (According to RechargeIT's Driving Experiment, the Toyota Prius gets 48.4 mpg.) The Aptera Typ-1e has a projected range of 120 miles on pure electricity and the Typ-1h a projected fuel economy of 300 mpg for the first 120 miles of driving.

Aptera is going to start production on its first vehicle, Typ-1e, by the end of 2008, with a retail price around $30,000. With gas price volatility, this could pay back relatively quickly. The Typ-1e and Typ-1h are three-wheel, two seat vehicles and Aptera is also planning to produce a four-passenger vehicle in the near future. Our RechargeIT team was impressed by Aptera's technology and drive to innovate on vehicle design, materials, and manufacturing and invested $2m in their last financing round. We congratulate Aptera Motors on this award and the further recognition of Aptera's innovation!

Link - from RechargeIT Blog

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