Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Google TV Ads: Traffic Estimator Updates

This week, we're introducing new functionality to the traffic estimator, the tool that provides estimated impression counts for each of your target networks/dayparts and programs, based on your budget and CPM bid. This can provide helpful insight when creating your campaign, to understand whether you are likely to achieve your campaign objectives. You can access the traffic estimator by clicking on the on the Calculate Weekly Estimates button from the Set Pricing screen during campaign creation.

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Here's an overview of the new features and how to use them:

Spot Estimates per Network / Daypart Combinations
For each network, daypart, and combination, the traffic estimator will now include an estimated number of spots.

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Cost per Spot Estimates
For each spot, the traffic estimator will now show the estimated cost based on the expected number of impressions and your CPM bid. Understanding the estimated cost per spot, or unit cost, makes it easier for you to compare the unit cost of spots from your Google TV Ads campaigns with unit costs of your other TV buys.

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Visual Representations of Spot Breakdowns
In addition to the number of spots and cost per spot, the traffic estimator will also provide a visual representation of how the impressions for each spot contribute to the impressions delivered within the given network/daypart. This provides a quick visual sense of which spots are driving impression counts.

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In Line Advice Occasionally, you may see a "0" for spots or impressions. This can happen for a few reasons such as setting a budget that is too low to cover the estimated number of impressions or choosing a CPM bid that is expected to be too low to effectively compete in the auction. Now, when you see a "0" in the traffic estimator, you'll have quick insight into what action can be taken to change it.

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Lastly, it's important to remember that even with increased granularity, our estimates will remain estimates - not guarantees. We hope you find this directional guidance and increased transparency useful in setting up a successful campaign.

Posted by Kenton Kivestu, Product Specialist

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