Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hispanic College Fund scholars visit Google D.C.

Posted by Galen Panger, Global Communications and Public Affairs

Earlier this month, several of us recent college grads got the chance to sit down and chat with 35 scholars from the Hispanic College Fund about their interests and what it's like to work for Google in Washington, D.C. It was one of their last stops on a long week of lectures about professional development, so we tried to keep things on the lighter side.

After a discussion about some of the cool stuff that we've been working on -- like Google for Non-Profits and the U.S. Voter Info tool -- we took them on a tour of our multi-colored office before sitting down for lunch and more conversation.

We're proud supporters of the Hispanic College Fund, so it was an honor to meet some of the scholars and give them a bit of a break from their busy week. We hope they'll come visit us again soon.

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