Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Convert An Email Into A Google Doc With The GMail Labs New Feature

Gmail Labs seems to the most happening place as they are constantly adding new features into Gmail. Today Gmail labs has added another feature for converting emails into Google docs. If you ever wanted to have the email conversations as a document, this is the best feature to do it. Once you have enabled the feature in Gmail labs, you can start creating documents for any email.


The Create A Document facility must be enabled in GMail Labs. In order to make available this feature , after a successful login, the user must navigate to the Settings area, select GMail Labs tab and locate the Create A Document entry in the features list. The next operation is to check the radio button corresponding to the Enable option (this feature is disabled by default) and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the window.

As a consequence, when the user will read an email message from the GMail Inbox, the Create A Document link is displayed in the right side of the window for a quick access. By clicking this link, a new Google Document is created from the currently read email message and is opened automatically in Google Docs for further editing. The document can be saved or exported in HTML, OpenOffice, PDF or other available format.

In case you want to open a blank document from Gmail, the keyboard is G followed by W, make sure that keyboard shortcuts are enabled for Gmail. The Create A Document feature will simplify the management of important emails by offering the possibility of rapid conversion into the desired document format.
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